The Tchaikovsky and Moscow Museum and the Tchaikovsky Cultural Centre

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Address: 46/54 Kudrinskaya Square, Moscow 
Nearest metro station: Barrikadnaya. 
For information please call: 8 (495) 691-1514 
Closed for cleaning on the last Wednesday of every month      


“There is no doubt,” wrote Pyotr Tchaikovsky about the Moscow period of his life, “that if fate had not forced me to come to Moscow, where I lived for more than 12 years, I would have never done what I have done.” During these 12 years, he lived in quite a number of different places. Here, in a flat that occupied half of the first floor in an outbuilding of a large old mansion located in Kudrinskaya Square, Pyotr Tchaikovsky resided from September 1872 till November 1873. Here, he worked to create his Symphony No. 2; the music to Snegurochka (The Snow Maiden), a fairy tale by Aleksandr Ostrovsky; and The Tempest, a Symphonic Fantasia.

Today, the Kudrinskaya Square house is one of the Moscow’s largest centers for museum and concert life. Changing exhibitions, general tours and thematic classes, subscription meetings and children’s parties are held here, and the two halls of the museum host chamber concerts of both eminent and young performers.

Preschoolers, schoolchildren, and adults, everyone will find something interesting here. For example, visitors attending the program “Premiere Night: Swan Lake” will learn about the history of the creation of the famous ballet, children who take part in the “In Search for Museum Treasures. The Truth Is out There” quest will play an exciting game where they will learn about the life and work of the composer; and during the thematic class “A Holiday in the Tchaikovsky Family”, children will hear about the traditions of the Russian noble family in which Tchaikovsky grew up. The young visitors attending the “Pushkin Fairy Tales: Poetry, Sand, and Music” and “Well-Loved Music Illustrated in Sand Pictures” cycles of concerts will take part in a magical, spectacular “music & sand” event. Season tickets to the “Gems of the Russian Ballet” will enable children and adults to discover masterpiece ballets by Russian composers, while meetings at the “School of Good Manners” will teach visitors about the nuances of etiquette...

On November 14, 2014, the exhibition “Pyotr Tchaikovsky and the World” opened in the museum to celebrate the composer’s 175th birthday. This was the first time that many items (more than 500 exhibits) related to Pyotr Tchaikovsky's personal life and work were shown to the general public.

The core items of the permanent exhibition include genuine pieces: historic documents and personal belongings of the composer; photographs of Pyotr Tchaikovsky and his colleagues, friends, and family members; prints, lithographs, drawings, etc. The exhibition also include rare manuscripts from the composer's legacy, including more than fifty autographs (“Eugene Onegin”, “The Queen of Spades”, and others), scores and literary manuscripts. Phonographic materials are played in the exhibition rooms.

The exhibition traces in detail how the composer created his masterpieces, from the very first idea to the stage performance. Thus, for example, here you will see all the stages of the creation of Symphony No. 6 – the last masterpiece by Pyotr Tchaikovsky that was performed during his lifetime.

The unusual musical and artistic design of the exhibition space creates a comprehensive image of the composer, giving one the feeling that he is present there personally.

This exhibition is very much appreciated by the general public. By popular demand, we have made the “Pyotr Tchaikovsky and the World” exhibition a permanent one