The Goldenweiser Memorial Apartment

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(ap. 110, 17, Tverskaya Street, Moscow)

The Memorial Apartment of Alexander Goldenweiser became the first branch of the Museum Consortium. Alexander Goldenweiser – pianist, teacher, composer, doctor of arts, director of the Moscow Conservatoire. He founded one of the leading piano schools; enriched the performing and teaching traditions of Moscow piano school.

The Museum’s unique character is consisting of the fact that it was founded with the direct participation of Goldenweiser himself. The exhibition shows important pages of Moscow music and culture life from the beginning of 1880-es. On the walls are displayed musicians’ photographs of different generations: teachers, contemporaries and students of A. Goldenweiser, friends, closest and relatives. Much attention on the exhibition is paid to teaching, which he dedicated more than 55 years of his life.

The most precious are notes library and Goldenweiser’s collection of books, painting, graphics, notes and literature autographs, photographs and collection of concert programs.

“Tolstoy’s theme” is highly represented in the Memorial Apartment (Goldenweiser and Leo Tolstoy were closest friends). There are documents, photographs, and memorabilia recreating the participation effect of the prominent writer.

Musical room is somewhat a centre of the apartment. It preserves memory about musical evenings with Rachmaninov, Metner, Scriabin, Chaliapin, Katuar, Glier, Gedike and many other musicians and figures of science and culture.